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Smart Way

a road transport organization company for the european and russian market



Smart Way offers you a tracking and tracing service for your shipments which is available at all times via web portal.

As a result of the growing demands of our economic partners, we offer you a Tracking service that allows you to follow the route of road transport shipment step by step. On our tracking platform, using the internet access and the transport identification number, you are able to find out where your goods are located and when they will be delivered at any time. 

In order to do so, log on to our platform, which is 100% free of charge and has no obligations for our customers. It will allow you to follow different stages of transportation and to have access to the documents related to your loads / deliveries.

You will thus be able to trace all your shipments at anytime, anywhere in Europe, consult the pre-invoice and edit your invoices, view signed transportation documents.

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